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We want to know God and to make Him known by raising up young adults to be inspired by the Great Commission found in Mark 16:15. We will bring in some experienced and well-equipped leaders to teach. These are men and women who have lived their lives close to God and are making a difference in the world. Our DTS contains more traveling and practical experience during the lecture phase than most. We believe that no one should stop you just because you are young, but rather be an example for other believers in speech and conduct, in the concept of Love, Mend, Train and Send.

In this DTS students will

Explore several countries and cultures, they will be an adventurer and will be challenged. Living conditions will be simple and they will often meet people in heartbreaking situations. They will travel and explore new destinations, be put in situations that test and stretch them; and at the same time, they will have the privilege of giving hope and sharing God’s love to those who need it.

Our Upcoming Schools


Fall 2021 DTS

Dates:     September 2022 – February 2023

Possible Lecture Locations:     Snohomish, USA; Grimstad, Norway; Athens, Greece

Outreach Locations:     To be determined




Winter 2022 DTS

Dates:     January 2023 – July 2023

Possible Lecture Locations:     Snohomish, USA; Grimstad, Norway; Athens, Greece

Outreach Locations:     To be determined

What is DTS?

Our Journey DTS at YWAM GO is a five to six month in-depth discipleship program that includes 12 to 14 weeks of teaching followed by an 8 to 10 week mission trip. DTS is so much more than a teaching program. It is a season in your life where you will learn what it means to be a follower of Jesus. It is a “heart-change” course designed to give you a solid foundation of personal growth and relationship with Jesus.

Each week you’ll pursue God by exploring different topics, each taught by experienced ministry leaders and dynamic speakers. In addition to great instruction, your days will include small groups, one-on-one discipleship, prayer & intercession, worship, practical ministry, team building and adventure opportunities. Whether you’re interested in career missions or simply taking time to get to know God more, our DTS is for you.

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School Cost includes tuition, food, housing, all school resources, field trips (Israel and Corinth), outreach ground fees and all air fare.

There is an additional cost for, personal care, laundry money, extra activities, visa fees, vaccinations, personal snacks, etc.

*Please keep in mind that the tuition and outreach costs for the Discipleship Training School are not tax-deductible.



The YWAM DTS lecture phase is a unique, 11 to 13 week opportunity to deepen your relationship with the Lord while being prepared to go into the nations. Each week the students are presented with new topics and teachers from all over the world. These world-class teachers are individuals that reflect the heart of Christ and come to spend a week pouring into the students, sharing the wisdom and knowledge God has given them as a testimony of their experiences. This teaching aids in the equipping of the students to be able to share the love and forgiveness of Christ. Some of the weekly topics include but are not limited to…

  • Hearing God’s Voice
  • The Bible: Study for Life Change
  • The Nature and Character of God
  • Community Development
  • Father Heart of God
  • Holy Spirit
  • Living in Spiritual Authority
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Lordship: Recognizing Jesus as Lord
  • Biblical Christian Worldview
  • Evangelism & Missions
  • Destiny by Design
  • Healthy Relationships & Resolving Relational Conflict
  • God’s Heart for the Nations

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